Concrete construction, residence construction: Cast in place reinforced concrete foundation continuous footing placed in built in place dimension wood lumber side forms. Foundation for basement or lower level garage of residence, cast in bottom of excavation. Note that the bottom of the concrete is below the level of the general excavation, which allows the foundation to rest on soil that was excavated carefully so as not to disturb the soil on which the foundation rests. Concrete would have been placed by direct chute from the readymix concete truck. The steel bars protruding from the concrete are to tie the vertical foundation wall, either cast in place concrete or concrete block masonry, to the foundation footing. The rough grooves 2-3 inches wide between the protruding bars will further tie foundation wall concrete or grout to the footing to prevent horizontal movement between the wall and the footing when backfilled soil pushes against the foundation wall. Arlington Street, Ann Arbor, October 2005. - Construction Equipment: Haulers, Excavators, Loaders, Earth Moving, Concrete, Foundations, Steel Structures, Buildings, Roads, Bridges, Civil, Engineering, Workers, Underground, Asphalt, Safety, Trucks, Masonry, Cranes